Q:How do I make payment?
A:We accept Paypal, Apple pay, Google pay, Shop pay, Visa, MasterCard…

Q:What's the delivery coverage?
A:Our business is for all countries in the world, but delivery is not available in some countries because of CVOID-19 and local regulation and laws on e-cigarettes. Current delivery areas include the U.S, Europe, UK, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia , Malaysia, Tailand, Philippines, China, Cambodia. If your country is not included, please contact us before purchase.

Q:Availble delivery menthods ,fees and ETA?
*Free Delivery:
If your order over $60, you can enjoy free shipping,but according to different countries, the delivery time will be different.
Shipping time: 7-15 business days

*Standard Delivery($15):
US / Arrives 15-30 Days
Europe, Canada / Arrives 15-30 Days
Asian countries / Arrives 10-30 Days

*Express Delivery($20):
US / Arrives 7-25 Days
EU / Arrives 7-25 Days
Other countries / Arrives 7-30 Days
The U.S. overseas warehouse is under construction ...

Q:Can I cancel order?
A:All cancellation requests have to be submitted before delivery. Please contact us via email or online customer service as soon as possible. No cancellation after delivery.

Q:Can I change mailing address, order details or retrive packages?
A:Under certain circumstances,a request to change order details is acceptable. If you need to change your order details, please contact our customer service for more help.

Q:How to track my order?
A:Please click " track order" on the website


Q:How to register ASVAPE membership?
A:You will automatically gain our membership once your first order is completed.  


Q:About Dropshipping
A:Please visit “Dropshipping” on the website

Q:About Distribution Alliance 
A:Please visit“Referral Program” on the website

Q:How to Become a Distributor? 
A:Please visit“Wholesale” on the website 


Q:How to download firmware update?
A: ASVAPE current offers firmware updates for TOUCH and MICHAEL. Please click " Firmware Update" to download

Q:How can I prevent coil burn? 
A:1. If it’s your first time filling the pod/coil, wait up to 5 minutes for the coil to prime;
2. Always make sure you have enough e-liquid in the tank;
3. Don’t chain vape;
4. Higher levels of PG might help;
5. Begin with a lower wattage setting and gradually work your way up;
6. Replace your coil regularly for optimum performance;
7. Keep your tank and coils clean to prolong lifespan and avoid burnt tastes;
8. Avoid extreme temperature change exposure for your vape;

Q:How do I use the coil/pod and choose the e-juice with right PG/VG correctly? 
A:1. If it’s your first time filling the pod/coil, wait up to 5 minutes for the coil to prime;
2. Replace pod/coil after 4-5 refills;
3. 0.3-0.5Ω coil,better use e-juice with PG:VG ratio between 50:50 and 30-70;
4. Above 1.0Ω, better use e-juice with PG:VG ratio between 50:50 and 40-60

Q:How to stop your vape tank from leaking? 
A:After thousands of tests,our pod will not leaking in normal use,but make sure every part install correctly . Note that condensate and leaking are not the same problems 

Q:How should I maintain my device? 
A:1.Please place the pod and the device separately if you do not use it in a short period.
2.To avoid charging the device with an unmatched USB cable.
3.To avoid extensive sun exposure, soaking in water, falling and bumping