QHow do I make payment?
A: Now we accept TT only.

QWhat's the delivery coverage?
A: Our business is for all countries in the world, but delivery is not available in some countries because of COVID-19 and local regulation and laws on e-cigarettes. Current delivery areas include the U.S, Europe, UK, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia , Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Cambodia. If your country is not included, please contact us before purchase.

QAvailable delivery methods ,fees and ETA?
*Free Delivery:
If your order over $60, you can enjoy free shipping,but according to different countries, the delivery time will be different.
Shipping time: 7-15 business days

*Standard Delivery($15):
US / Arrives 15-30 Days
Europe, Canada / Arrives 15-30 Days
Asian countries / Arrives 10-30 Days

*Express Delivery($20):
US / Arrives 7-25 Days
EU / Arrives 7-25 Days
Other countries / Arrives 7-30 Days
The U.S. overseas warehouse is under construction ...

QCan I cancel order?
A: All cancellation requests have to be submitted before shipment. Please contact us via email or online customer service as soon as possible. No cancellation after shipping out.

QCan I change mailing address, order details or retrieve packages?
A: Under certain circumstances,a request to change order details is acceptable. If you need to change your order details, please contact our customer service for more help.

QHow to track my order?
A: Please click "track order" on the website.


QHow to register ASVAPE membership?
A: You will automatically gain our membership once your first order is completed.  


QAbout Dropshipping
A: Please visit “Dropshipping” on the website.

QAbout Distribution Alliance 
A: Please visit“Referral Program” on the website.

QHow to Become a Distributor? 
A: Please visit“Wholesale” on the website. 


QHow to download firmware update?
A: ASVAPE current offers firmware updates for TOUCH and MICHAEL. Please click " Firmware Update" to download.

QHow can I prevent coil burn? 
A: 1. If it’s your first time filling the pod/coil, wait up to 5 minutes for the coil to prime;
2. Always make sure you have enough e-liquid in the tank;
3. Don’t chain vape;
4. Higher levels of PG might help;
5. Begin with a lower wattage setting and gradually work your way up;
6. Replace your coil regularly for optimum performance;
7. Keep your tank and coils clean to prolong lifespan and avoid burnt tastes;
8. Avoid extreme temperature change exposure for your vape.

QHow do I use the coil/pod and choose the e-juice with right PG/VG correctly? 
A: 1. If it’s your first time filling the pod/coil, wait up to 5 minutes for the coil to prime;
2. Replace pod/coil after 4-5 refills;
3. 0.3-0.5Ω coil,better use e-juice with PG:VG ratio between 50:50 and 30-70;
4. Above 1.0Ω, better use e-juice with PG:VG ratio between 50:50 and 40-60.

QHow to stop your vape tank from leaking? 
A: After thousands of tests,our pod will not leaking in normal use,but make sure every part install correctly . Note that condensate and leaking are not the same problems. 

QHow should I maintain my device? 
A: 1.Please place the pod and the device separately if you do not use it in a short period.
2. Please avoid charging the device with an unmatched USB cable.
3. Please avoid extensive sun exposure, soaking in water, falling and bumping.