1. Our advantages:

  • ASVAPE is an international brand in the e-cigarette industry with tens of thousands of customers worldwide, which will benefit your sales tremendously.
  • ASVAPE has its own overseas warehouses in Los Angeles and San Francisco and preparations to build more in Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia and Russia are in full swing, which will enable your customers to receive the products much earlier as we are able to send them out within 24 hours.
  • Our powerful overseas warehouse system will allow you to focus on sales and promotions as you do not need to worry about storage.
  • Being both brand owner and manufacturer, ASVAPE will be able to offer our memberships a more competitive cost price to maximize your profits.
      2. How does our Dropshipping work? 

  • To register online for our membership and gain Dropshipping discounts ( reach us via email: info@asvape.com or Facebook: Asvape Tech)
  • To place an order online and fill out your customer’s mailing address. We will send out the product(s) within 24 hours.
  • To leave a note - Dropshipping Order in your order


  • Please make sure the mailing address is correct and valid
  • No Dropshipping Discount available before membership registration
  • To leave notes -Dropshipping Order in all your orders