Founded in 2016, Asvape is a high-end vape manufacturer loved by hundreds of thousands of vape users worldwide. During the years of our endeavor, we’ve created a few impressive and original vapes that have made a small make in the history of vape industry.
Asvape started as a subsidiary brand of Shenzhen Joecig Technology, which at present has thousands of employees and is one of the first-tier vape manufacturers in China. Now Asvape is striving to gain more awareness of itself by creating more outlandishly designed vapes.

When it comes to upmarket electronic cigarettes, few have better products than Asvape Tech. We spend a lot of time tailoring our atomizers, battery packs, and vape MODs for high-quality use. The field of vaping is steadily growing and gaining global recognition. At Asvape Tech, we strive to keep you ahead of the curve by providing cutting-edge e-cigarette hardware.

Asvape is one of the few companies in the vaping industry that have set out to create a luxury product. While most other vaporizer companies have started with smaller vapes and built up to advanced mods, Asvape went straight to the heart of the vaping community and took suggestions for how to make a truly standout device. Then we painstakingly chose materials and features that would create a brand identity larger than anyone else.